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Bullion Spa is a name that has gained immense recognization and preference by offering various kinds of treatments like massages, body treatments, scrubs, body wrap, facials and other packages. This spa makes use of pure and authentic herbs, plants, essence, oils, candles and organic rituals from renowned brands for effective treatments.

Holistic Therapy (Balinese Massage)

Balinese massage use a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen, Is'qi' (energy) around your body, bring deep relaxation and wellness to reduce stiffness. Balinese massage is a powerful treatment that restores vitality and optimizes both the physical and the mental well being. An ideal pre or post workout massage.

Duration: 60 min. Rs. 2199 /-
Duration: 90 min. Rs. 2999 /-


A gentle, nourishing treatment focusing on awakening the touch and smell senses. It involves the use of aromatic oils to the chalera points followed by a light, soothing massage. This massage encourages blood circulation and lymphatic flow thus speeding up the detoxifying of the body.

Duration: 60 min. Rs. 2199 /-
Duration: 90 min. Rs. 2999 /-

Swedish Massage

A Traditional European massage incorporating light kneading, gliding and cross - fibre friction to break up muscle knot to relax the body. It helps to increase the Blood Circulation, removes metabolic waste products, as can help the recipient obtain a feeling of connectedness.

Duration: 60 min. Rs. 2199 /-
Duration: 90 min. Rs. 2999 /-

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is traditional hands on therapy originating in Japan, it means finger pressure. The therapist applies pressure using his or her fingers, thumbs, and palms in a continuous rhythmic sequence. Shiatsu therapist use pressure to energetic pathways, called meridians to improve the flow of energy. It is promoted as a natural way to help-people relax and cope with issues such as stress, muscle pain, nausea, anxiety and depression. This is a dry massage and two piece cotton outfits is worn during the massage.

Duration: 30 min. Rs. 1200 /-
Duration: 60 min. Rs. 2200 /-

Traditional Thai Massage

A traditional Thai massage, also known as passive Yoga, combines gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions with targeted point pressure assisted Yoga stretches to stimulate the natural flow of energy in the body. The therapist will tailor each treatment to meet your individual needs. It revitalize both the body and mind. This is a dry massage and two piece cotton outfits is worn during the massage. It is a very popular massage from Sianthe Kingdom of Thailand.

Duration: 60 min. Rs. 2199 /-
Duration: 90 min. Rs. 2999 /-

Neck & Back Massage

This massage uses acupressure techniques focusing on the back and neck to relieve daily tensions experienced in our hectic lifestyles.

Duration: 45 min. Rs. 1199 /-

Foot Reflexology

This technique is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy that the feet contain reflex point that are connected to the various body glands and vital organs. This massage is particularly effective in restoring the body's energy, and is especially recommended for those recovering from illness.

Duration: 30 min. Rs. 699 /-

Balinese Haritage Sensation

A bullion relaxing session of gentle stretches, acupressure & application of aroma therapy oil to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen, & energy around your body. Choose your scrub to remove dead cell to get a radiant skin. After this you can fell the tension and fatigue melt away as you brought back to a state of equilibrium with accurate ate sense of relaxation & rejuvenation.

Duration: 120 min. Rs. 3199 /-
(Body Massage-60 min, Body Scrub-45 min Head Massage-15 min)

Bali Heritage Beauty Journey

Afusion massage of many style combining Asian root therapies like shiatsu, Thai massage, and partial body stretches. The therapist uses palm pressure to release stress, to ease aching and stiff muscles. You can really enjoy this session which will rejuvenate your mind, body soul and skin. Those of you who looks for a customize, pressure, can enjoy this session, recommended for all age people.

Duration: 120 min. Rs. 3499 /-

The Bullion Royal Rejuvenation

Starting with a floral foot bath, you will get holistic experience based on the application of carefully blended essential oils a nourishing vegetable base using lymphatic & pressure point massage technique, which combines the sense of touch and smell to maintain and promote physical, psychological and spiritual well being. It's a light massage to release stagnant energy flow in the body & relieve stress, then following by a circular application of peeling milk soap, aqua based lotion, natural dead seamud mask & finally using rich oil based body cream, body will be organized as dead skin cells effortlessly walk away and new once fortify your body with supple softness, then you will give a small session of whirlpool massage following a steam bath after you will give a rejuvenating facial by experts to get a radiant face the journey will end with a gentle pedicure & manicure, following a bath refreshment.

Duration: 215 min. Rs. 5499 /-
(Aromatherapy Massage-60 min, Body Polishing-30 min, Manicure & Pedicure-45 min, Jacuzzi With Hydrotherapy-15 min, Steam-15 min, Rejuvenating Facial By Casmara-30 min, Bath & Refreshment-20 min)

Bullion Indulgice

A Bullion relaxing session of gentle stretches acupressure & application of aromatic oil to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen & energy around your body. Choose your facial to get a radiant face after this you can feel the tension & fatigue melt away as you are brought back to a state of equilibrium, with a great sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Duration: 200 min. Rs. 4499 /-
(Body Polish-50 min, Swedish Massage-60 min, Manicure & Pedicure-35 min, Body Wrap-30 min, Zacuzzi-10 min, Steam & Shower-15 min)

Give One Lakh Rupees For Unlimited Massage

AMOUNT 7600/- 14000/- 24000/- 50000/-
DISCOUNT 31% 35% 45% 55%
  • Offer Applicable for only massages.
  • Silver & Gold package for only one person.
  • Silver & Gold Package is valid strictly for 12 month of the package
  • Package in non transferable & non refundable
  • Silver package in valid strictly for 60 Minute massage.
  • Silver package can be shared by husband & wife.
  • Extra person can avail 35% discount with gold package member.
  • Extra person can avail 25% discount with Silver package member.
  • All rights reserved to bullion SPA

Body Scrub

Dead sea salt scrub-Dead sea scrub banishes dull dry skin leaving you silky and soft. For thousand of years the dead sea salts have been used in beauty treatments and cures for problem skins, The highly concentrated minerals work wonders on stressed skin, especially seeming to benefit sufferers of eczema and psoriasis.

Duration: 45 min. Rs. 1400 /-

Mud Warp Duration

Procured from depths of the dead sea This mud wrap is particularly high in sea minerals like magnesium. Especially beneficial to some damaged skin, the application of this wrap deeply nourishes the skin, given it the aid it needs to regenerate itself, newer, fresher skin thus emerges, making you look younger & more radiant.

Duration: 45 min. Rs. 1399 /-

Rose & Geranium

A body gel scrub which will detoxify your skin and leave a soothing effect! Rose and geranium scrub is exfoliating and prepared from rose petals and geranium oil. The rose petals act as a marvelous astringent providing the best toning effects and the geranium oil helps reduce the sebum secretion stimulating the skin cells and increasing the blood flow.

Duration: 45 min. Rs. 1599 /-

Body Wrap Chocolate Wrap

Extremely Rich in antioxidants, this dark chocolate lular or salt is an indonesians product and is laden with chocolate flavinoids, strong anti-oxidants to slow down the aging of skin. The body scrub is followed with a gentle moisturizing of the body divine.

Duration: 45 min. Rs. 1499 /-


The Saffron, Lemon and Rejuvenation Fruit facial offered by us help in regaining your youthful looks. These facials replenish your skin and tightens sagging skin.

Saffron Facial

SAFFRON, Anatural product which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and delays aging and ideal treatment to get a flawless skin. Regenerates cellular tissue and prevent skin degeneration, leaves skin smooth, nourished, luminous and shades lighles.

Duration: 60 min. Rs. 1499 /-

Lemon Facial

Lemon cream with extra moisturizing properties. It imports a glow to skin. It nourishes dull and sagging skin. The extra natural oils helps in increasing blood circulation, mostly recommended for man's skin.

Duration: 60 min. Rs. 1499 /-

Rejuvenatinig Fruit Facial

Fruit cream is a high quality cream containing fresh fruits extracts and wheat gram oil which moisturize intensively and skin is renewed naturally revitalising the youthful beauty. Fruit is very rich in refreshing properties, to soften and/protect the skin.

Duration: 60 min. Rs. 1499 /-